Rotary Club of Antioch-IL

 Rotary shares an interest in protecting our common legacy - THE ENVIRONMENT. 
This is newer focus for Rotary.  Below are some of the actions the Rotary Club of Antioch has taken regarding this new initiative. 
1) Each month, the Rotary Club of Antioch, is learning about ways to make a positive difference to our world - including the Earth.   Our goal is to cover different topics each year.  In 2023 we are covering reusable goods.  Bookmarks that highlight these tips are being providing to local libraries. 
2) Creating recyclable opportunities for pedestrian guests in downtown Antioch. 
3) Reuse of retired school Chromebooks that are refurbished by the local Tech Campus and distributed to numerous nonprofit charities within our communities or abroad that do not have access to these powerful tools. 
4) Collecting plastic bags that are sent to Mercy Mats in Milwaukee, WI.  There the bags are ripped into strips and woven into sleeping matts for the homeless to provide insulation and some comfort.
5) Collecting crayons in any condition that are forwarded Puerto Rico or abroad for students to use.  Even broken crayons are a gift of creativity to children in these targeted communities. 
If you are interested in learning more about how you can help the Rotary Club of Antioch Environment Effort - please contact us.