Rotary Club of Antioch-IL

International Service
An example recent program with an International reach include:
Fortaleza program in Guatemala which provide guidance and coaching to young mother's.  The Rotary Club of Antioch donated $500 to the efforts along with 60 refurbished Chromebooks from the Local D117 High Schools. 
Above in June 2023, Terry Dunleavy is presenting a check to G.Keuer who volunteers at Hopes In and Fortaleza scholarship program 

Even two decades ago, The Rotary Club of Antioch was involved in International projects.  For example: 2005 International Project: Wheelchairs to the Philippines.

Working in partnership with the Wheelchair Foundation, Rotary Club of Antioch members and friends were able to provide 280 lightweight, rugged-use wheelchairs to individuals in need in the Philippines.image