Rotary Club of Antioch-IL

Career Pathways offers opportunities for students
                The COVID pandemic has caused all of us to realize the essential need in our society for those who do the day-to-day work to keep our country productive and moving. The need for manufacturing, tradespeople, technicians, and all the others is more important than ever.
                For the past several years the Rotary Club of Antioch has partnered with High School District #117, Lake County Tech Campus, and local businesses to offer career opportunities for students pursuing a non-typical 4-year college path. In the past we have conducted Career Expos with the Lake County Tech Campus that have offered connections between students and those in the field to provide information and opportunities. The COVID virus has limited the ability to offer direct contact activities. The Career Pathways Committee is still moving forward in spite of pandemic limitations to assist our students.
                A series of Panel Discussions for students and parents are being conducted monthly beginning in January. The first will feature experts in the area of first responders, police, and fire service to offer ideas and advise on what the field has to offer, training opportunities, and how to get connected and started. These evening programs invite parents and students together to get information on a field of their interest and make informed decisions about their future. Future topics will focus on electrical, plumbing, construction, manufacturing, technology, and other areas. These sessions will be recorded by the High School and be saved for future reference for students in years to come. To watch any of the past discussions click on the desired link on the left side of this page. If a student in a year or two indicates to a counselor that he/she is interested in a particular field, this will be a tool available for the student and his/her family to review. Information about dates, topics, and log access is available through Antioch High School (Scott Leverentz 847-838-7767)   or Lakes High School (Rebecca Holtz 847-838-7318) and on the Rotary Club web-site (
                The Rotary Club additionally has financial support available through the Vocational Scholarship Program. Scholarships or other financial support for students are considered through an application process.  Funding may be for a school program, apprenticeship or other training program, application process, required tools or equipment or other needs to support a student in their career goals. This assistance is available to not only students but others in the community perhaps already in the work force who may need support. The application is available through the High School Guidance Department, Click Here to go to the Vocational Scholarship  page or by contacting Matt Tabar (847-445-3897 or Please call or e-mail if you would like further information.  Applicants must live within the School District #117 geographical boundaries. Application deadline is March 1, 2021.
                If you are a local business and would like further information or become a participant in the Career Pathways Program, please contact Matt Tabar (information above).